Friday, 19 May 2017

Catering for your greatest asset

Food is not only essential for life, but is also one of life’s greatest pleasures. Almost every event of significance involves catering: weddings, christenings, birthdays, Christmas and New Year’s Eve just for starters. The food can often be the most memorable parts of these occasions and the memories created by these events stick with us forever, and bind all those involved for pretty much the rest of our lives.

Given that we spend over half our waking life at work - and that without humans businesses cannot exist - why is it that we don’t at least once a week cater for our whole work force?

Why don’t we regularly bring everyone together on an otherwise dull Monday lunchtime? or celebrate the end of the week with a team lunch on Friday? Or have a breakfast club to develop camaraderie and to share understanding?

It seems such a shame that up and down the country people go off in ones and twos for lunch but don’t use the time to “break bread” with one another: something that is certain to deepen connections and build loyalty within an organisation.

It doesn’t have to be gimmicky, it doesn’t even have to be for any particular reason, but we can guarantee that if you announce that once a week, you will be catering for all your employees or colleagues, you would see an immediate uplift in energy and enthusiasm.

We know you value your staff, so try catering for them and watch what happens: see how much more fun the workplace becomes, how deeper team relationships are created and how staff loyalty increases when you celebrate your staff through food within your business.