Friday, 14 October 2016

Pumpkins at the ready!

We at Jasper's just love this time of year because we are getting ready for the Famous Jasper's Pumpkin carve, a competition that gets hotter each Halloween!

Our customers have truly amazed us with the weird and wonderful creations they came up with over the last two years, and we know that this year's carve is going to be the best yet!

Our pumpkins will soon be ready to be delivered and lots of our customers have already claimed theirs. Any Jasper's customer reading this that hasn't got their pumpkin yet, needs to contact their local Jasper's super fast!

Pumpkins are free - one per office - and we are asking customers to come up with their best carve or most super spooky creation, snap it and share the photo on Jasper's local social media in time for Halloween on 31st October. There will be prizes of seasonal goodies for the winners.

So what are you waiting for?! Get spooky!

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Try our taste of Rio

We've been inspired by the summer of sport ahead and have created a sizzler of a menu full of Brazilian flavours. Kick things off with traditional Bauru which are sub rolls filled with roast beef, mozzarella, tomato and pickled cucumber. Step things up a gear with saucy, tangy Rio Wraps stuffed with salsa, feta, avocado, refried beans and fresh coriander. Keep the heat then cool down with tasty Hot and Cool Chicken Skewers, then get stuck into Brazilian New Potato Salad - a twist on this favourite side dish which has fresh carrot, celery, spring onion and a twist of lime. Finish off with Cinnamon and Sugar-Dusted Mini Doughnuts with indulgent Chocolate Dipping Sauce.

We may not win a medal for our summer menu but we hope that once you've tasted these 5 Brazilian Bowls you'll give us the seal of approval. Available to order throughout August. Contact your local Jasper's for prices.

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Let's take this outside

Yes we're in Britain and we get rainy summer days, but we get plenty of sunshine too. Buffet catering doesn't always have to be enjoyed sat around a meeting room table. Why not take it outside? Let your guests, colleagues and customers tuck into their refreshments whilst taking in the fresh air. The ideal way to break up a focus group, board meeting, business pitch or training session.

Jasper's Picnic Catering range provides picnic food favourites in windowed boxes which are easily transported. Scotch eggs, sandwiches, mini quiches, chicken tikka skewers, cream cakes, scones, strawberries and cream...all your classic picnic food favourites are there. Many of our customers order Picnic for staff away days as the food and drink can be supplied in insulated bags so it stays cool while out and about.

We have a range of Picnic menus available, from Deluxe to a Mini Picnic, see the full range here: and contact your local Jasper's for prices.

Friday, 6 May 2016

Why healthy people always eat breakfast and do not diet

According to new research, not dieting gives your body the best chance of maintaining a healthy weight.

A study by a team at Cornell University, New York, set out to discover the habits of healthy people. To do this, they developed a Global Weight Registry online, and then surveyed a selection of healthy adults on such topics as diet, exercise, and typical daily routine.

The researchers then looked at the results across the 147 participants, enabling them to figure out the common habits of those with a healthy weight.

One of the most surprising statistics is that a whopping 96% of these healthy people never skip breakfast, a possible wake up call to those who leave it too late in the mornings.

Of those surveyed, 42% exercise at least 5 times a week, and just under three-quarters said that they either rarely dieted or never did, whilst an affirming 92% confirmed that they were “conscious of what they ate”.

Scientists then sought reasons for the participants’ healthy achievement. A total of 44% had taken on a non-restrictive strategy to keep their weight at a satisfactory level, including cooking at home and eating non-processed foods of a high quality.

Dr Brian Wansink, co-author of the study, said the most startling findings are that “most slim people don’t employ restrictive diets or intense health regimes to stay at a healthy weight. Instead, they practice healthy habits like not skipping breakfast and listening to inner cues.”

Those in offices who miss breakfast should make the most of the healthy offerings available from catering agencies within their workplaces. A solution for some of Jasper’s customers is to set up a breakfast club at work. This encourages employees to leave home early and miss the stressful morning traffic, but get the nutritious start to the day they need to be productive and full of energy. Contact your local Jasper’s for details.

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Celebrate Spring

Celebrate Spring
Life’s a picnic

Being stuck in the office all week simply isn’t good for the soul, especially if the sun is shining and the birds are jovially singing outside. On days like these, your employees might end up feeling cooped up or demotivated, and you might even catch them gazing longingly out of a window at the inviting view. When the sun comes out, it can be refreshing to step away from the stuffy work environment and breathe in the fresh air that Mother Nature has to offer. It can even be stimulating for the brain and reenergise discontented staff members who are fed up of the same old uninspiring desk.

If you have an upcoming meeting or a team building event, why not go outside and organise a picnic? Does that sound like a lot of work? Well, it really isn’t!

Sometimes when we think of picnics, we think of endlessly chopping up ingredients, buttering bread until our hands hurt and running around worrying about keeping drinks cool. But, at Jasper's Catering Services, we do all the hard work for you so you can just sit back and enjoy the sun with our event catering. We offer a unique and tailored picnic package to cater for all kinds of palates, all of which come in beautifully presented boxes. From firm favourites to more unique choices, there is something to tantalise every taste bud.

Spring into action with an Easter event

When it comes to typical work functions, Christmas and Halloween always seem to outshine the Easter festivities. You could make this year an exception and celebrate the onset of spring with a large-scale picnic for you and your colleagues. From egg rolling to chocolate treasure hunts to face painting, Easter can be just as much fun for the grownups as the kids.

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Seasonal goodies

Spring is all about new beginnings; it’s that glorious time of the year when you see bulbs coming into bloom and the land shaking off the damp dreary winter (particularly this winter!). So which types of foods are flourishing, and which key ingredients could you incorporate into your recipes to celebrate this hopeful season?


Juicy citrus fruits such as oranges and grapefruits are ripe and ready to eat this time of the year. If you’re planning a buffet, why not freshen things up with fruit salad or fruity skewers instead of (or as well as!) cakes. Jasper’s Catering Services offers a diverse range of fruit dishes, as well as boxed fruit delivery to your workplace, making it easy to get your five a day,  every day:


There are a variety of vegetables that are in season during March, April and May, including cabbage, leeks, potatoes, spring onions, purple sprouting brocolli and watercress. Jasper’s Bamboo range offers a range of lighter and different buffets options including salads and filled flatbreads and wraps which make a change from the favoured buffet sandwich! Served in beautiful contemporary bamboo bowls, our Bamboo buffet range is perfect to share and always has the wow factor:


Make like a Spring chicken! It’s delicious complimented at home with lemon and fresh herbs such as parsley, chives and mint. Always a favourite with our customers, Jasper’s serves chicken many ways: spicy wings, drumsticks, marinated skewers, in our sandwiches, wraps and rolls and our warming chicken curry.

Special seasonal events

Spring offers a whole host of landmark events, so organise a get-together with friends and colleagues and enjoy lots of fab food at work! Any excuse! There is St. Patrick’s Day (17 March), Easter (25-28 March), the Queen’s Anniversary (21 April), St. George’s Day (23 April) and May Day (2 May).

The BBC’s Good Food website has an excellent calendar showing seasonal foods. Go to:

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Vegetarian options increase as a third eat less meat

According to new research carried out for the Vegetarian Society over the last 12 months, just under a third of those spoken to said that they have reduced the amount of meat they were eating. An additional 10 per cent said that they were thinking about cutting down on the amount of meat they currently eat, or even wanted to stop eating it entirely.

The report was produced by NatCen, one of the leading independent institutes on social research, and it revealed that 44 per cent of those surveyed were either eating less meat, no meat, or strongly considering reducing the amount of meat they were eating.

The main reason for most people making this decision came down to health, with 58 per cent of those asked saying that this was the main factor. Other influences included a desire to save money, concerns over animal welfare, and concerns over food safety. These views were shared by roughly a fifth of the participants. A final reason for one in ten was in relation to environmental concerns.

This change in dietary trends has led to restaurants and catering agencies offering more vegetarian options to reflect the shift in public opinion. New research reveals that of all new menu items introduced, 30 per cent are vegetarian, and in some leading pub chains, 19 per cent of all choices are aimed at those choosing not to eat meat.

The chief executive of the Vegetarian Society, Lynne Elliot, said that: “there is an increasing awareness of the issues relating to our food choices, and that has resulted in a large number of people reducing the amount of meat they eat or cutting it out altogether.”

Friday, 12 February 2016

Kick out unhealthy snacking

You know how it goes, it gets to 2pm and you’re feeling tired and craving something sweet to lift you up and get you through the afternoon at work. So you reach for the biscuits. Or the doughnuts that someone has brought get the sugar hit but inevitably an energy slump afterwards and a guilty feeling to go with it.

What if there was a healthier way you could get that energy boost? One which boosts your immune system too? One that is proven to reduce stress hormones, defend against free radicals and help keep your heart healthy? A boost that makes you feel better in your body and your mind?

Heart Research UK says that 80% of heart disease cases can be prevented by making changes to diet and lifestyle and recommends preparing for the afternoon office slump with a handful of nuts, seeds and fruits, "packed with those healthy mono-unsaturated fats while satisfying that craving for something sweet."

Thanks to Jasper’s there is an easy way to get these in your workplace and at your fingertips. Our Snack Shacks and Snack Boxes offer 24 different snacking items designed to kick out those unhealthy, energy-draining snacks for good! From blueberries and olives to raisins and raspberries, popcorn to pumpkin seeds, if you install a Snack Shack or Box in your workplace you’ll never by left grabbing for the biscuits again.

It couldn’t be easier to install Snack Shack or Snack Box in your workplace and support the health and well-being of your team:

Free trial for three weeks, no commitment or risk
Products sold on an honesty basis or as otherwise agreed by your representative
Service charge will apply if you wish to continue with the service

Visit and contact your local Jasper’s for more details.

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Catering tips for early starters

Over the years we have catered for all sorts of companies, events and people. It used to be that ‘events’ and ‘meetings’ were the main occasions which required buffet catering – until the last couple of years when employers have realised more and more that employee loyalty and enthusiasm is invaluable – and rarely achieved by a pay rise alone.

We have found that breakfast clubs are increasingly popular. This is where businesses are providing breakfast catering for employees who want to miss the rush hour and arrive at work with some time to relax and enjoy a decent breakfast.

The rushed bowl of cereal or half-finished toast at home inevitably means that people are not exactly eating like kings before they leave home which leaves them under-fuelled and hungry way before lunch and that’s when the biscuits come out! The sugar boost then results in a crash and the cravings and lack of fuel genuinely impacts on mood and efficiency!

The solution provided by some organisations is to provide a great range of fresh fruits, muffins, cereals and yoghurts with juice and fresh complimentary coffee to those employees who can get into work early. They can then enjoy a satisfying and relaxing breakfast with friends and colleagues and start the day fully fuelled.

The great thing is that a breakfast club stacks up commercially. A recent report in the Telegraph showed that lateness costs business in the UK £9 billion, with the average late employee costing their company £305 per year. Rush hour traffic was the biggest reason given for lateness.

Imagine not wasting days of your life sitting in traffic but turning up to work before the rush hour… grabbing a cappuccino, pot of fresh fruit salad, yoghurt and a muffin, then sitting back for half an hour and relaxing before starting work on time well fed and ready to go – a much calmer and more productive start to the day.

If you would like us to help you set up a work place breakfast club then please let us know - just get in touch with your local Jasper’s.