Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Catering tips for early starters

Over the years we have catered for all sorts of companies, events and people. It used to be that ‘events’ and ‘meetings’ were the main occasions which required buffet catering – until the last couple of years when employers have realised more and more that employee loyalty and enthusiasm is invaluable – and rarely achieved by a pay rise alone.

We have found that breakfast clubs are increasingly popular. This is where businesses are providing breakfast catering for employees who want to miss the rush hour and arrive at work with some time to relax and enjoy a decent breakfast.

The rushed bowl of cereal or half-finished toast at home inevitably means that people are not exactly eating like kings before they leave home which leaves them under-fuelled and hungry way before lunch and that’s when the biscuits come out! The sugar boost then results in a crash and the cravings and lack of fuel genuinely impacts on mood and efficiency!

The solution provided by some organisations is to provide a great range of fresh fruits, muffins, cereals and yoghurts with juice and fresh complimentary coffee to those employees who can get into work early. They can then enjoy a satisfying and relaxing breakfast with friends and colleagues and start the day fully fuelled.

The great thing is that a breakfast club stacks up commercially. A recent report in the Telegraph showed that lateness costs business in the UK £9 billion, with the average late employee costing their company £305 per year. Rush hour traffic was the biggest reason given for lateness.

Imagine not wasting days of your life sitting in traffic but turning up to work before the rush hour… grabbing a cappuccino, pot of fresh fruit salad, yoghurt and a muffin, then sitting back for half an hour and relaxing before starting work on time well fed and ready to go – a much calmer and more productive start to the day.

If you would like us to help you set up a work place breakfast club then please let us know - just get in touch with your local Jasper’s.