Friday, 12 February 2016

Kick out unhealthy snacking

You know how it goes, it gets to 2pm and you’re feeling tired and craving something sweet to lift you up and get you through the afternoon at work. So you reach for the biscuits. Or the doughnuts that someone has brought get the sugar hit but inevitably an energy slump afterwards and a guilty feeling to go with it.

What if there was a healthier way you could get that energy boost? One which boosts your immune system too? One that is proven to reduce stress hormones, defend against free radicals and help keep your heart healthy? A boost that makes you feel better in your body and your mind?

Heart Research UK says that 80% of heart disease cases can be prevented by making changes to diet and lifestyle and recommends preparing for the afternoon office slump with a handful of nuts, seeds and fruits, "packed with those healthy mono-unsaturated fats while satisfying that craving for something sweet."

Thanks to Jasper’s there is an easy way to get these in your workplace and at your fingertips. Our Snack Shacks and Snack Boxes offer 24 different snacking items designed to kick out those unhealthy, energy-draining snacks for good! From blueberries and olives to raisins and raspberries, popcorn to pumpkin seeds, if you install a Snack Shack or Box in your workplace you’ll never by left grabbing for the biscuits again.

It couldn’t be easier to install Snack Shack or Snack Box in your workplace and support the health and well-being of your team:

Free trial for three weeks, no commitment or risk
Products sold on an honesty basis or as otherwise agreed by your representative
Service charge will apply if you wish to continue with the service

Visit and contact your local Jasper’s for more details.